Revolutionary Thanksgiving pairings

Philly’s Yards Brewing Co. pops up often in our rabble-rousing pubs — City Tavern, Blue Bell Inn, Tavern at the Sun Inn, Black Bass Hotel. So as we plan our Thanksgiving feasts, let’s think about some Yards Ales of the Revolution pairings for which our Founding Fathers would have been very thankful:
– Jefferson’s Golden Ale: For the heavier dishes of the day, so maybe augment the turkey with a slow-roasted pork belly.
– Washington’s Porter (my fave): Pairs with “anything with smoked bacon,” says Yards. Oooh, add bacon to the mashed potatoes. Also complements that chocolate cake meant for those who just can’t stand another bite of pumpkin spice anything this fall.
– Poor Richard’s Spruce Ale: Organic spruce clippings? In beer? Honestly, it’s really good. I’ve tried it. Goes great with aromatic herbed food, so don’t stop ladling the stuffing!

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