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“Hettie Love was denied opportunities to apply her prodigious skills professionally.” The first Black person to earn a Wharton School MBA turns 100. Pioneer, Powerhouse, TheBurg, March 2023.

“My biggest challenge is not that I am a woman in a mostly male-dominated field.” Women in the $36 billion flexible packaging industry reflect on their journeys to leadership. Providing Opportunity for Women, FlexPack VOICE, July/August 2023.


“They dragged him naked/Through the muddy streets.” Three hometown poets earn recognition for their roles in the Harlem Renaissance. Harrisburg & Harlem, TheBurg, August 2021.

“Why can this woman be allowed to continue this iniquitous system that has grounded down all the poor men that she has got within her grasp?” My editors know whom to call when they want a story on alcohol history. My retrospective of classic breweries uncovered a savvy businesswoman thriving in a man’s world. Beer in the Burg, TheBurg, March 2022.


“Longer hair, good. The inexplicable return of mullets, bad.” From hair care to looking casual but sharp, 6 tips for men to look and feel their best. The Guy’s Guide to Self-Care, Susquehanna Style, June 2021.

“Keep it to one drink a day, so savor that chardonnay.” A comprehensive checklist of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly steps for staying on top of your game. The Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Preventative Health, Susquehanna Style, September 2021.

Ghostwriting & copywriting

Experienced in writing blog posts, op-eds, newsletters, and annual reports.


“Like those hob-nobbers might have done, I spent glorious afternoons swimming in one of America’s first indoor pools, still fed by mineral springs.” A grand hotel sparkles for the holidays. Party Like It’s 1899, TheBurg, December 2022.

“Even restrooms adorned with giant logos of South County beers reflect the rustic-glam aesthetic.” South County Brewing Company Brewing builds a flagship for its beers and BBQ. Brewing Up a Destination, Susquehanna Style, May 2023.

“Remember the relaxation, eye-popping sights, invigorating adventures, fatigue, crankiness, weight gain? Oh, wait. Skip those last parts.” Come back from vacation healthier than the day you left. 7 Tips for Traveling in Summer, Susquehanna Style, July 2021.


“Period poverty can pull a curtain over the lives of women and girls who can’t afford supplies month after month.” A movement to distribute period products, all in the name of dignity and empowerment. Donations for Dignity, TheBurg, September 2022.

“We are prepared but never prepared enough.” A railroad town anticipates derailments. Rail Fail Ready, TheBurg, April 2023.

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“Boxing takes a hit on all the symptoms.” Punching through Parkinson’s disease with Rock Steady Boxing. Fighting Back, TheBurg, November 2022 (2nd place, Keystone Media Awards, sports writing, so I guess that makes me a sportswriter. Actually, I am the aunt of a professional athlete, but I didn’t get his part-jaguar genes).

“Is it practical to own an EV if you live in the city?” My question about the practicality of electric vehicles for city dwellers turned into a personal test drive. Electric Avenue, TheBurg, April 2022.

COVID whisperer

“As she closed the store door behind her, Cheddar ran up and put his little paw on the glass.” The fate of animal shelters and rescues in two stories, during the pandemic, and a post-pandemic follow-up. Pets & Pandemic, TheBurg, May 2020, and Furplus Inventory, TheBurg, June 2023.

“Nobody even had a sign for COVID.” The pandemic ushers in a new era for sign language interpreters. Signs of the Times, TheBurg, November 2020.


“She began selling cleaning concentrates from her basement and at craft shows.” A passionate businessperson eases customers into eco-friendly refilling, one step at a time. Filler Thriller, Susquehanna Style, April 2023.

“I picked up a can of Annie Sloan chalk paint,” – duck egg blue, by the way – “and that’s where I started.” Revitalizing old furniture and rescuing it from basements. The White House on the Square is Giving New Life to Old Furniture, Susquehanna Style, September 2022.

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