Media coverage

It’s a hit! Or maybe it’s just that reporters love talking about bars.

“Have your history and eat it, too”: Emily Ryan of MediaNews Group had fun with the Southeast PA taverns that have come full circle, from havens for travelers and rebels, to — well, still havens for travelers. “The mode of transportation has changed from a horse and Conestoga wagon to Teslas and BMWs,” General Warren Inn proprietor Patrick Byrne says of his establishment. “The type of currency has changed to the American dollar, but organically, it’s still the same.”

“A pub crawl through Pennsylvania’s unruly history”: Brian Bingaman of the Lansdale Reporter calls Well-Behaved Taverns “crazy informative.” “The author’s journalism background, inquisitive mind and keen eye is essential to the success of ‘Well-Behaved Taverns …’, creating segmented narratives with depth, which introduce you to the characters running the modern-day businesses in the tavern buildings, take a look around in both words and black-and-white photos, bring the hidden histories to light and sample the food and drink on the menu today.”

“What a great title, and it’s probably true!”: Brett Thackara of ABC27 takes readers through my pub crawl, on the Good Day PA Author Spotlight.

“After reading the book, I’m gonna have to visit all dozen”: Scott LaMar of WITF-FM’s Smart Talk has already been to four of the taverns. Now, he’s ready for all of them. Pop in around the 28-minute mark to hear our conversation.

“A rebel walks into a bar”: My friends at TheBurg had some fun with this. As editor Larry Binda said, Pennsylvania is “pretty much synonymous with revolution and rebellion and drinking.”

“The insurrectionist past truly comes to life”: Jacqueline Goodwin, editor of Harrisburg magazine, delves into the truths and tall tales of Well-Behaved Taverns.

“If you want the history of rebellion in Pennsylvania, grab a barstool”: Andrew Doerfler of Lehigh Valley Live explores the rejuvenation of two rebellious pubs — the revolutionary Tavern at the Sun Inn, in Bethlehem, and the sassy Two Rivers Brewing Company, in Easton.

“M. Diane McCormick took one heck of a Pennsylvania pub crawl”: Sue Gleiter, Pennlive’s talented food writer and reporter, turned the spotlight on the 12 taverns where historic atmospheres complement tasty food and drink.

“Local taverns featured in book,” by Mary Grace Keller, Gettysburg Times.