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Taverns never cease to amaze. Birthplace of the U.S. Marines. Site of President George Washington’s farewell blowout. Home to the First Continental Congress. And as we know, birthplace of many a conspiracy to overthrow the British, or oppose taxes on whiskey, or defy Prohibition. Jen Tousey’s fun, insightful This Family Blog put taverns in the … More Win a copy of Well-Behaved Taverns at This Family Blog!

Of dust and dreams

In the basement crawlspace that is now the Springhouse Tavern, the contractor advised against displacing any of the original dirt behind the foundation, for fear of bringing the house down on itself. “We didn’t touch it,” Jackie said. “I guess it worked, because we’ve never had a problem.” I’ll admit it. When Jackie White told … More Of dust and dreams


How to surprise Dad with Well-Behaved Taverns for Father’s Day: Top 5 tips  The history-loving dad would love Well-Behaved Taverns Seldom Make History as a Father’s Day gift. Make it memorable with an experience that pairs with the book. Package it with a Pennsylvania beer or spirit: Well-Behaved Taverns is loaded with them. Yards, Dad’s … More Posts