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My strengths: Fresh perspectives. Fairness. Readable writing. Solid research. Reliability. And prolific. Oh, boy. Prolific.Diane McCormick, laughing, bw

I recently found an old roll of adding-machine paper in the attic. On it is written, in a fourth-grader’s pencil, a tall tale (and therefore, it’s on adding-machine paper) about a boy named Tony Beaver. Hated pancakes but then loved them. ChallenMcCormicks in Arlingtonged his cousin Paul Bunyan to a griddle-skating contest. It was a tie. Grandma made pancakes for everyone, even Bunyan’s blue ox, Babe. “It was a happy occasion for everyone. THE END. By Diane McCormick.”

I swear, it was riveting literature.

From the beginning, all signs pointed to writing. They didn’t direct me down a straight road, but here I am. Since January 2005, I have been a freelance writer. With 100 celtic ceilidh portraitpercent support from my husband, it was a walk off the cliff, from office job to sole proprietor. I just, plain had to write. How’d I survive? I learned from Wile E. Coyote. He can walk on air just fine. His mistake, every time, is looking down.

Published in:

  • Magazines: American Gas, Mobility (Worldwide ERC, workforce relocation), NAFCU Journal (National Association of Federal Credit Unions), AMSA Direction (American Moving & Storage Association), ILMA Direction (Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association), Pennsylvania Pursuits, Pennsylvania Physician, Wine-Spirits Quarterly, Susquehanna Style, Harrisburg, Central PA. Topics include history, natural gas distribution, travel, home style, health, personnel relocation, wine, the arts and people. For Harrisburg magazine’s experiential series “Adventure Chick,” I  handled a python, drove a Ferrari, and took pitches from a big-league pitcher who would later be the transformational pitching coach for the World Champion Washington Nationals (does this mean I get a ring?).
  • News media: For TheBurg, a monthly newspaper in Harrisburg, PA, I write city issues, personality profiles, and history features. For eight years with
    Covering a flood, in snazzy rain boots.

    Pennlive.com/Harrisburg Patriot-News, I covered municipalities and school districts, wrote breaking news and features, and published a weekly community column.

  • Business websites and newsletters: Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units, and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.
  • Health innovations: Contributed three case studies to the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia’s book on health care innovations, delving into NICU nutrition, groundbreaking technology, and design principles reshaping medical education.
  • Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet: Wrote features for performance programs.

Before freelancing, I was vice president for communications for Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, a dynamic statewide advocacy organization promoting policies that benefit kids. Before that, I was press secretary for 10 hectic, exhilaratingRyan wedding, dad hat years for a Pennsylvania House of Representatives caucus leader. I first built writing and publishing experience as publications director at the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers’ Association, and as reporter at the Hanover, PA, Evening Sun.

Master’s degrees in creative nonfiction (Goucher College) and American studies (Penn State). Bachelor’s in journalism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Interests: Acting, knitting and sewing, fitness, pubs and road trips, reading. Whatever you do, don’t ask me to cook.

Tres hermanas, incognito
Tres hermanas, incognito.



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